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BORN AGAIN FREE SPEECH: Victory of The Mic 92.1FM

A documentary about the struggle to save 92.1 FM, "THE MIC".

When media monolith Clear Channel threatened to abandon Air America in favor of more sports programming they sparked a heated community response in Madison, WI.

This documentary captures the grassroots movement to keep progressive talk radio on the air. Born Again Free Speech will take you through the organizing process, introduce you to the people who did it, and share with you their spirited victory against all odds.

Limited Edition at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative!

Veterans' Paths to Peace

Long Shadows travels through 65 years of wars, from the Abraham Lincoln Brigade of the Spanish Civil War through the current war in Iraq, to introduce American veterans who, from their experiences during war, have since turned to working for peace.

Available at Atwood Publishing and Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative.

Isthmus newspaper article on Long Shadows

Long Shadows premieres in 2007 Wisconsin Film Festival!

Madison Veterans for Peace receives a grant to put Long Shadows DVD in every public school and library in Dane County, WI!


Luciano featured on The Buzzards Have Landed book, by Roscoe Churchill & Laura Furtman - Check chapter here!!!

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Born Again Free Speech (listen here)
featured on the Ed Schultz show of Air America radio!


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Luciano began his artistic endeavors through his experimental theater work in Europe in the 1970s and continued doing so upon his arrival in Madison, Wisconsin in 1981...

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Political activism and community involvement are high on Barbara Vedder's list of priorities...

...and Ech is what came out of it!

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